If you’ve been keeping up with the tech-industry, you’ve probably heard the buzz about uSync.  

uSync is the new platform that allows you to share, connect, and synchronize your life online. Created by former Apple employee Darrell Lynn, uSync builds on familiar social media features, while venturing into territory that previously platforms have not. “We felt it was time to make social simple,” Lynn says.

So. You’re ready to try it out. Here’s a quick guide to some of our favorite elements of uSync.

Share. This is key for connecting online. You’re great at discovering inspiration, and you want a way to share it with your valued internet community.

What: Stories, songs, playlists, collections.

How: Share it with individuals, groups/crowds, communities, or the public. uSync allows you to hand select who you share with each time your share something new. It’s fast and easy and to set up communities within your network.

Why uSync does it best: Even after you share, you have control over your content. For example, you might share a story with an entire crowd, but later decide to change the story’s visibility to only a few selected friends. This allows you to keep your content relevant, while also safely giving it a place to live online.

Invite. Create events. Invite your friends. Share the event info with a crowd, an entire community, or the public. uSync even allows you to buy and sell tickets online.

What: Performances, pop-up shops, gallery openings, weddings, conferences, festivals, parties.  You name it. uSync also has an array of event management tools, like calendaring, GPS, and photo galleries.

How: Invite friends or crowds to events. Manage their role as either Leader, Guest, or Organizer. You always have the option to change each person’s role. Each role gives certain access privileges to view or modify event features. You can also remove crowds or users from events.

Why uSync does it best: Ticket sales. Public or private access settings. Flexibility in user roles even after an event has been created. uSync also allows you to customize your settings to find events in specific locations or communities. Looking for an art gallery opening in the small town you’re passing through? uSync will find one for you.

Recommend. Find awesome stuff online. Make it your own by adding it to your collection. By recommending content you’ve either found or created, you can synchronize with other users.

What: People, events, stories, crowds, playlists.

How: Just click sync. Recommend your own content or support and promote content created by any other user. For example, let’s say you’re a travel blogger and you’ve recently shared two stories about your trip to Asia. You come across an article of Travel Tips for Backpackers that was written by another user. You can sync your own blog posts to the article, so that when users view your content, they’ll also find your recommended content. And of course, content can only be synced with the permission of the original creator.

Why uSync does it best: “We all have used single purpose apps. What's bad is that we have to use many to do what's necessary to interact socially. What's not fun is having to spend so much time managing it all ,” says Lynn. "You no longer need to use all these apps to make your point, connect with friends, plan an event, listen to music or post your stories. Just use uSync. It's simple!"

Collaborate: uSync isn’t just social media. It’s a communication and collaboration platform with that comes with tons of functions. Set up communities or crowds and grant edit access to your projects. Build a team of influencers, specialists, etc easily and focus on the outcomes not the process.

What: Hosting a conference with several co-workers? Working on a film with classmates? Editing music with your band? Do it all on uSync.

How: Share a story, song, or collection with a hand selected crowd. Grant everyone in your crowd permission to contribute, edit, and sync content. You now have a private, creative space online to work with your collaborators—plus a countless number of tools to help you be creative.

Why uSync does it best: No other social media platform offers these tools at this level of sophistication. Streamlined communication using multiple mediums allows for infinite possibilities.

Now that you’ve got a sense of what to expect from this new platform, there’s only one thing left to do. Jump in. Explore. Make uSync your own. We can’t wait to see you there.