Writing a story doesn’t have to mean agonizing over the Great American Novel. It doesn’t have to mean trying to come up with a poignant essay about your recent travels. If you want to write those kinds of stories, go ahead. But if you’ve been struggling to get your voice heard out of the idea that your stories won’t be good enough or ‘important’ enough, consider that even the smallest, most everyday observations have their importance. Write about your day. Write about what interests you. Just write.

If you’ve tried Medium and found it a bit daunting, but you feel that Facebook isn’t the right place for the stories you want to tell either, consider uSync. It has an elegant and minimal interface that makes it easy for you to tell your stories and make them look good. Here’s a short movie to show you how simple it is to get started:

Begin by opening up the menu, clicking on ‘Create’ and selecting ‘Story.’

Add a Cover Image that best represents your story. Try to choose something that would catch someone’s interest if they were scrolling through their feed and had other icons to look at. They say never to judge a book by its cover but we all do, to some degree, anyway.

Once you’ve written and titled your story, you can add movies and images to the gallery section to make your story a multimedia experience.

If you’re looking for feedback, you can add a Survey to get comments from your readers in addition to the comments that they can post direction on your story.

Stories are just one of the many features uSync has to offer. If you’d like to read more in-depth articles with screenshots and videos about uSync’s best practices, find them on our About page.