The internet evolves at what feels like the speed of light. It has become its own galaxy--expanding continuously; providing us with endless options.  

uSync is a platform that allows you to tap into the infinite potential of online communication. It gives you the power to build your own social media system by choosing which tools and features are relevant to you and your online goals.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can create an amazing uSync experience that will allow you to share your authentic self online.

  1. Reflect. Take a few minutes to think about all the “worlds” you move between on a daily basis. You have your work life. Your family. Your friends. And maybe your hobbies or creative pursuits. How do these facets of your life interact? How would you like them to interact?

The beauty of uSync is that you have control of how and when all your different worlds collide from a single profile. Whenever you add something any of the spaces within uSync it remains private. You can work on your creation for as long as you want and no one can see it. At some point you're going to want to share it with these different worlds. Here's the major ones.

  1. Individuals & groups. Choose from one person to millions within uSync.
  2. Community. Everyone in uSync.
  3. Public. The entire Internet of users. Anyone with a browser can see the content you've shared.

Here’s a tip: Designate which of these worlds you’d like to represent on your uSync page, and use that as a starting point. You can even set a few goals for each. For example, a goal might be to gain more clients at work. Another goal might be to connect with your family at least once a week. And a third goal could be to read more articles about your favorite hobby, and collect them all in one place—creating a resource for yourself that will allow you to improve your skills.

Being intentional about how you use social media can help you experience online communication in a way that will reflect your values and benefit you as a human.

  1. Discover. uSync has an incredibly sophisticated filtering system that curates the content of your feed. By selecting your interests, location, and types of stories you’d like to see, you can teach uSync what you like and don’t like. This will allow us to give you an individualized selection of content that supports you and your goals.

When you discover something or someone that resonates with you, reach out. Say hello. Start a conversation with someone in your industry who you admire. Ask your favorite artist where they found the inspiration for that song you love. Invite someone who just moved to your city to the event your planning.

  1. Collect. Use uSync to create collections. We believe that you are represented not only by the things you create, but by collecting things that will inspired you. uSync allows you to collect your favorite stories and articles about a specific topic. You can then share these collections with people in your network. Not only will you learn from your discovered content—and always be able to access it again to reference in the future—but you will create value for your friends and colleagues. For example, maybe you work in the food and beverage industry. Create a uSync collection that will create value for other restaurateurs. It’s a great way to establish yourself as a knowledgeable person in your industry, while also learning some interesting facts!
  2. Build a crowd. uSync makes a great collaboration tool. It has multi-media sharing. Playlist and video streaming. Event planning. And messaging. So it’s an incredibly efficient way to get things done when you’re working with a team.

Create a crowd by inviting specific friends to have access to specialized content on your page. Assign edit access to people in your group who you’d like to collaborate with. This will allow multiple people work contribute to galleries and collections.

  1. Share your story. uSync is the perfect place to share stories that are meaningful to you. Think back to those “worlds” you decided on. What’s something that matters to you that you’d like to share with that world? Be authentic. Be honest. We want uSync to be a place for genuine self-expression.

Write a thoughtful blog post about a life-changing experience that happened on your vacation. Include a picture or video. Share it with your favorite friends and family members. Or create a how-to resource for a skill you’ve mastered. Share it with a crowd of people who are as passionate about that hobby as you are. Plan an event. Share the details with the people who live in your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Synchronize. The thing that really makes uSync unique, is that it was designed around the concept of synchronicity. When you do any of the above—discover, collect, share—uSync makes it possible to synchronize all the elements of your online life. Write a blog post and synchronize it to a collection. Plan an event and synchronize it with a crowd. We wanted to give you a way to synergize all the moving parts of your life. A way to arrange and rearrange all the ideas in your brain. uSync lets you make those connections. It allows you to create relationships between stories and people and places. It brings the humanity back into your online experience.

If you haven’t already, visit uSync's Sign Up page walk through your profile setup and you'll then land on Discover. What you find and where you go from there is up to you.