A playlist is just a collection of songs that you can organize and play based on what mood you’re in, right?


Playlists can be so much more. I mean, sure, you can create a playlist of songs for your commute, or find one that already exists, but there’s so much more that your playlists are capable of.

On uSync, you can really take advantage of all that a playlist can do for you, whether you’re a musician promoting your band or a professor trying to make your lectures more engaging for your students.


You know how Amazon Prime lets you see what actors are playing and bits of trivia about the movie or show that’s playing? It makes the experience that much richer, doesn’t it? uSync allows you to create a similar experience with playlists with a more interactive twist.

Let’s say your band has just released their latest album and they want to reward fans with more information about the songs. So you create a playlist and share it.  For each song you've made remarks in the time line so you can provide your listeners with your bands inspiration for different sections in the songs. Perhaps you've are using different instruments that your audience may not be familiar with so you point out when that section is reached.

Your fans can also add their remarks with feedback or they might to point out their favorite drum lick or bass guitar plunks which you can build off of for future revisions. Remarks has potential to establish ongoing dialogue with your fans at the core of your creativity. Who knows, this could become the inspiration for your next album?

Remarks aren’t useful only in an entertainment context. If you’re a professor, or teach an online course, you can create a playlist of audio sessions in the form of podcasts. You can then add remarks to different sections with your comments, instructions and requirements. Your students can participate, too, answering your questions or posting their own.


In both cases, you can choose how public or private you want your playlists to be. While a band might want their playlists to be open to everyone, both uSync users and those not on the platform, a professor could share their lectures with just his or her one class.


Although Surveys are a key feature in uSync’s event planning capabilities, they are also available for Playlists. It’s a great way to get feedback in addition to engaging in dialogue with Remarks.

If your playlists are composed of audio lessons or lectures, you can use the Surveys to assess your students of their knowledge, or ask them how well they think they understood the course material.

Musicians can use Surveys to learn more about their fans—where they come from, what song is their favorite on the new album, etc.

How to

Are you ready to create a playlist that works for you? Here are five simple steps to get you started:

  1. Upload your audio files (uSync supports music, podcasts and audio books)
  2. Add a title and description in the “about” section (ex. type of music, expectations for a course)
  3. Add a cover image that will make your playlist stand out if you want others to find it
  4. Add remarks and comments on any sections you want to explain or clarify
  5. Add a Survey to poll your listeners, get feedback, or offer self-assessment

That’s it! If you’re not a uSync user already, sign up (it’s free!) and see how you can use Playlists to better engage with your audience.