Event planning can be tricky. There are so many elements to consider that don’t even have to do with the event itself:

Who do you invite? If it’s a private event, how do you invite people discreetly so that you don’t offend anybody? How do you keep track of everyone who is attending and make it easy for them to RSVP? How can you give your guests a sense of what the event will be about with movies or images to enhance their anticipation?

Yes, there are tools out there that help you accomplish these things, but uSync might just be the most elegant way yet.

The key is that uSync is embedded in a social network that already has all the other tools you use to connect with your friends. You don’t have to direct them to a third-party app, which, as we know, not everyone wants to do anyway. Instead, your friends will see your invitation in the context of uSync, where they are discovering new content and connecting with others.

So how do you create an event? Let’s say you want to create a birthday party event page on uSync. We’ve got a video demonstrating the steps:

First, open the menu bar, click on ‘Create,’ and select ‘Events.’ Like with your uSync profile and Story pages, you can add a cover image, title and description for your event. But with Events, you have the option of choosing a date and time.

You’ll be able to choose where your event is taking place from a suggested ‘Places Near You’ list or you can type in a different place and select as you type. Click ‘use this place’ to save.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. You can add movies and images to the event’s gallery section. If you’re creating a wedding invitation, why not give suggestions for places to see around the event? Or, if you’re hosting a movie screening, you can add the trailer right on the event page.

Invite people to your event by scrolling to the ‘Guest’ section and clicking ‘invite someone’ to select as many people as you’d like to invite and click the checkmark to save. The top right corner of overlay will indicate the number of people invited.

To see who’s been invited and notified of your invitation, click on ‘invited.’ To remove a person from the guest list, select their avatar and click the ‘X’ at the bottom of the overlay.

Now, let’s say you’re on the receiving end of the invitation. If you’re the one who got the invitation, here is a short video on how to respond:

First, open the event. You’ll have the option of choosing ‘Can’t Go,’ in which case the event will not appear on your Calendar. If you choose ‘Going’ or ‘Maybe,’ you’ll see that event on your Calendar.

If you open ‘My Calendar’ from the event page, you can view your full Calendar and see what other events you’re going to or are thinking about attending.

Interested in learning more about uSync and how to best use its features? We’ve got a whole series of articles with video and screenshot demonstrations on our About page.