Don’t we all sometimes wish we could take back what we said?

While in real life it might not be possible, it should be easy to do so on social media. But with current platforms, it seems as though you have to be extremely careful about what you share.

We all change our minds and make mistakes. That’s why uSync makes un-sharing as easy as sharing.

It all starts with the 3 dot menu you see under any piece of content on uSync. If you want to share a Story, for example, click on the 3 dot menu to select the people and groups you want to share it with and click ‘share’ to confirm.

uSync allows you to be particular about who sees your content. Don’t want your co-workers to see what you do in your spare time? You don’t have to create a separate account just to get around that. If you want everyone on uSync to see your Story, toggle the ‘Community’ button to turn green. To share with people who aren’t uSync users, toggle the ‘Public’ button. You can also copy the URL provided to share that way.

There are 3 ways the un-share your content:

  1. From your feed, Toggle ‘Public’ and ‘Community’ to gray to stop sharing your content with uSync users and non-users. This means that no one will be able to see or discover your content, regardless of whether they could at any point in time.
  2. From your content’s unique page, click on the 3 dot menu in the top left corner and toggle “Community” or “Public.”
  3. If you only want to un-share a particular piece of content from specific people or groups, you can select them in the 3 dot menu and click “Remove.” Even if you still have “Community” and “Public” toggled on, these users/groups will not see that content.

Want a walk-through of everything covered in this article? Watch this video tutorial: