uSync is designed to help synchronize all the moving pieces of day to day life. Both Events and Calendaring are fun, easy-to-use, and perfect for simplifying the chaos of your routine.

Calendaring and Events are two uSync features that will help you stay organized and connected. The two systems can work in tandem with each other, but each system offers its own unique set of tools.

Calendaring. Your uSync Calendar is your daily/weekly/monthly planner that helps you keep track of dates, appointments, and meetings. It functions similarly to any online calendaring system you may have encountered—but it has more in-depth capabilities for syncing all your activity on uSync. When you sign up for an Event through uSync, the event will automatically appear on your calendar. Likewise, if a Crowd you are a member of hosts an event, this will appear on your calendar as well. This allows you to pull up your monthly calendar and explore all the options of fun things to do in your city. It also helps you keep track of your obligations, ensuring you never miss an important event.

You are able to add your own events to your calendar. Add birthdays, doctor’s appointments, deadlines, etc. Color code or use images to personalize. uSync provides clean and effective visuals to help you stay organized.

To synchronize your calendar with a team, use the Crowd function to connect. Uploading events (such as meetings, schedules, and deadlines) to the Crowd will synchronize that information with everyone in the group.

Your calendar is kept private, and it is never visible to other users. Shared events (such as events you’ve signed up for, or events uploaded to Crowds) will show up in multiple users’ calendars, but the information you input manually will only be seen by you.

Events. If you’re hosting an event and want to share information about it online, uSync Events is the perfect tool. Ideal for festivals, concerts, classes, pop-up shops, gallery openings, and community meetings—the Events system provides you with everything you need to be a successful host.

Create an event by uploading a date, name, image, and description. Then invite other users to attend. You can change your settings to make your event visible to anyone on the internet; only uSync users; or only people in a specific Crowd. This gives you control over who has access to personal information like addresses and locations.

Upload videos, photos, and stories to the Event’s gallery to give guests a sense of the vibe of your event. Promote your event by reposting it in Crowds and Collections. Then, other users can recommend the event, helping you spread the word.

The uSync Events system is packed full of tools to help things run smoothly and effectively.

As a host, uSync will help you manage the logistics. Sync the many details of the event to your calendar so that important information can be easily found all in one spot. Use GPS and messaging tools to keep you and your team connected and on track.

You can even sell tickets through a uSync Event page. Guests can purchase tickets and passes when they confirm their attendance.

Event pages are also a great way for guests to participate and connect with each other before, during, and after the event. Guests can upload photos and images to galleries, making the event page an archive that can be accessed in the future.

When the event is over, Surveys lets you easily get feedback. You can ask guests how they felt you might improve the event if you were to host it again in the future. And you can also find out if the event made an impact. For example, after a community meeting, create a Survey to learn what information attendees walked away with—and how they plan to use that information in the future. It’s a great way to make sure a learning-based events (such as a conference) was effective.

Both Calendaring and Events are designed to keep you organized and confident as you navigate the chaos of a busy schedule. Synchronize all the moving parts of your life—and maximize the time you have to accomplish your goals.