Signing up with uSync is simple. In a few quick steps, you’ll be set up with a profile and a set of tools to create, discover, and share.

The first time you login to uSync, you’ll be asked a series of questions. These questions help the platform curate an experience that is unique to you. You’ll have an opportunity to go back later and update or make changes to your basic profile information.

What happens next is the fun part!

You’ll be met with a toolbox of tools, all designed with innovators like you in mind.

Start with the basics, and then build your profile from there.

Photos are a great first step for setting the vibe on your page. Upload selfies so that people can recognize you. Share other pictures you love—like your favorite places, friends, pets, food, or art. This gives people a window into your world, and is an easy and fun way to share your most authentic self.

Next, share your passions.

Add to your interests and hobbies list. This will synch you to content uSync knows you’ll be excited to check out. Your home page will be filled with articles, video, and multi-media—all curated with you in mind!

Create stories, collections, and galleries.

From there, create a story. Choose a medium and see what you happens! Creating content that is meaningful gives you power in the world. You are an authority on your own life experience. Tell your stories, and contribute to uSync’s environment of genuine thought and engagement.

uSync is a place to share your ideas. Stories—both written and visual—let you share your expertise with the world. Whether you’re a chef, dancer, or antique collector—everyone is an expert in something. Use multi-media to create awesome effects in your stories. Add photos, videos, and even music to blog posts.

Collections are also a great way to get your ideas out there. Collect things you love like articles and pictures, and synch them with your own content. This will let you archive your memories and create resources for yourself and others.

Explore. Discover content you love. Engage with it. Synch it to your own content. Reach out to its creator. Say hello. Make a friend. uSync is a place for meaningful interactions.


When you login via phone, uSync will ask permission to access your contacts. Select yes, and you can connect with friends right then and there. Your chosen pals will receive and text message invitation to check out uSync. Not up for connecting this way? No big deal. Just select no.

It’s up to you who sees your content. A great way to connect is to make your content visible to the public. People who aren’t registered on uSync yet will still be able to view what you’ve got posted. Your profile and content will show up in search engines, which will help you promote your work and your ideas.

Expand your world.  

Because you can do it all in one place, uSync is great for promoting whatever it is you do best. Run a small business? Use uSync to keep your customers in the loop. Manage a band? Host an event and invite your community.

Explore. Check out the wide assortment of features. The best way to make uSync your own is to try it out and see what inspires you.

Getting aquatinted with a new platform is just a matter of jumping in. In no time, you’ll have an online world built that’s an extension of you. Like decorating a new apartment, or painting a picture—each detail you add will make your life on uSync more vibrant and fulfilling.